IFIP Working Group 13.3

Welcome to the Working Group 13.3

Human Computer Interaction and Disabilities

Working Group 13.3 intends to make designers of Information Systems and complementary tools aware of the needs of this group in order to encourage the development of more appropriate tools for accessibility and usability. As a result, systems will become universally accessible and the market for them will increase.

Specifically, the scope of WG 13.3 will include the following activities:

The principal objectives of the Working Group are to make HCI designers aware of the needs of people with disabilities and to recommend guidelines for the design of HCI to facilitate the use of computers by people with disabilities. WG 13.3 also wishes to monitor the latest developments in the design of HCI and their impact on accessibility and usability and to encourage the development of information systems and complementary tools which permits the adaptation of the human interface for each specific user.

new: WG 13.3 supports the INTERACT 2013 Workshop on Rethinking Universal Accessibility and the Call for Papers for Special Issue of UAISJ